Helpful Hypotheticals

To get a clearer picture of what a grant award could look like, take a look at the hypothetical case examples below.


Hypothetical case example: Seed and School/District-Wide Grant

CET is interested in building a strings program.

In Year 1 CET applies for a $2,000 Seed Grant in which they will hire a teacher to teach violin to all the students in Ms. A’s second grade class and provide instruments and music. Although the teachers are enthusiastic about the opportunity, they are concerned with how much time it will take to not only teach the lessons, but handle between lesson transitions, students who forget their instruments, etc. From this pilot, the teachers are hoping to get a better sense of what it would take to run this kind of program from multiple perspectives.

In Year 2, CET applies for a $40,000 School/District-Wide Grant because they would like to offer violin lessons to all students in the second, third and fourth grade. This grant will give the school a year to get used to what it take to run a more complex and comprehensive program that impacts a large portion of the school. One of the goals of this grant is to prepare CET to present a very realistic and comprehensive budget and vision for the program since they have had two years to develop it. It is assumed that after the School/District-Wide Grant, the BOE is ready to take over the funding of this program.


Hypothetical case example: Program Innovation Grant

CHHS would like to upgrade the lighting equipment in its auditorium.

In Year 1 CHHS applies for a $20,000 Program Innovation Grant in which they will upgrade and modernize the auditorium’s current lighting system. Although this grant is to support an ongoing program, it will be innovative because it will give teachers and students the opportunity to expand the topics taught in the current curriculum and also bring in a professional lighting designer to lead a “Master Class” that discusses the history of lighting design and current trends. This proposal is appropriate because it infuses innovation to a current program and it is assumed that the BOE will fund the cost to maintain and upgrade the system in following years.

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