District Wide

Atlas Curriculum Mapping Software
CHEF funded the purchase of Atlas Software, a web-based program designed to organize the curriculum of a school district into an electronic “map” that can be viewed by many users. This map facilitates collaboration among teachers across grades, subject areas, and schools. It also enables the sharing of curriculum strategies with administrators, the school board, parents and students.


Croton Harmon High School

Robotics Equipment
The new CHHS Robotics Club received funding for equipment that enables them to build and program large complex robots. These robots were used by the club in regional competitions, as well as for classroom projects.

Calculus & Algebra in Motion Software
CHEF funded Calculus in Motion and Algebra in Motion modeling software—used in math classes across all grades at the high school. These programs help students visualize key math concepts through the use of interactive animation tutorials.

Math Team Books & Materials
The new CHHS Math Team (Pi Sqad) received funds for books and materials to pursue advanced math topics that went beyond the scope of the classroom and prepared them for local and regional math competitions.

Global History Regents Review Books
CHEF funded the special education program at CHHS which provided new Regents review books – a less complex alternative to the existing Global History review books.

Senteo System for Special Education Program
The CHHS Special Ed program (TAP) received funds for a Senteo System, an interactive student response system that enables students to individually answer questions on a SmartBoard through the use of Senteo remote controls. This system promoted 100% class participation as well as improved classroom differentiation.

Lighting Upgrade for Frederick Blais Auditorium
The CHHS Auditorium received a lighting upgrade, including 36 theatrical lighting instruments.

Photography Program Equipment
The photography program of the CHHS Art Department received funding for additional cameras and supplies to enable more students to take advantage of the popular photography courses offered at CHHS.


Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School

Outdoor Learning Lab
CHEF funded a brand new Outdoor Learning Lab at PVC. The space was used to raise vegetables and flowers organically, and had an impact across all grades and curriculum areas – from science and health, to math and social studies.

Ecologist in Residence
The PVC 5th grade team was granted funding for a visiting ecologist, George Steele, as well as science supplies including microscopes and salinity and pH kits. Mr. Steele served as PVC’s “ecologist in residence” and taught scientific observation, testing, and record keeping as part of a new unit of study, “Human Impact on Water.”


Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School

EarthHeart Organic Garden
A grant was provided to build a sustainable organic garden that was primarily planned and maintained by the children. The third grade spearheaded this project which tied directly into their science curriculum on the life cycle of a plant.

Stand Up for Learning Project
The 4th grade at CET participated in a nationwide action research project called “Stand Up for Learning” which encouraged schools to create more flexible classroom environments and support different ways of learning. CHEF funded 24 stand-up desks and adjustable stools (4 per classroom), which allowed kids to stand and move while they learned. 

Math and Spelling Tools
The 3rd grade team received funds for an array of math games and manipulatives to assist students in developing critical thinking and strategy skills in math. The grant also funded a 3rd grade program with a new approach to spelling lessons using Didj handheld devices.