District Wide

Greenburgh Nature Center Zero Waste School Program - $4000

This innovative K-12 program segues with New York State Next Generation Science Standards, while providing a real-world application for student learning about ecosystems. Through hands-on training and educational activities, students and staff are learning about how to sustainably and responsibly dispose of food and other waste -- in school and beyond.


Croton-Harmon High School

Electronic Music Course at CHHS - $32,504

CHEF funded professional-grade studio equipment for this brand new course.
Electronic Music will offer instruction in the use of the computer for creating, composing, and arranging music. It will also focus on the basics of music production: recording, mixing, and editing. Open to all students, experienced and inexperienced alike, CHHS students will learn music production at a level that would prepare them for college and ensure that they are experiencing electronic music with a sound system, keyboard controllers, and audio interfaces. They will learn skills needed in the music, film, television, radio, and many other industries.



Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School

The Kinesthetic Classroom - Flexible Seating and Assistive Devices - $20,000
Teachers can enhance the learning experience of students who benefit from action based learning models -- that is, academic learning using movement as a means to stimulate the brain and body to maximize learning. When students are moving, research shows an increase in comprehension and encoding of information. This grant funds a “library” of seating and assistive teaching devices at PVC.


Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School

Making Mathematics Fun, Efficient, and Memorable - $8,480
This grant brings “Math Guru” Greg Tang Jr. to CET. This fall he’ll visit with teachers and students to introduce his resources and strategies that use playful and interactive methods to enhance mathematical reasoning in ways that extend beyond the typical algorithm. The CHUFSD community is invited to directly learn from Greg on the evening of November 14, 2019. Thanks to teacher workshops, the innovative approach will be incorporated into classroom teaching well beyond that event.

Learning more about Greg’s approach in his TED Talk.