District wide

Mimio Teach System
CHEF funded a pilot of a next-generation smartboard technology at CHHS. The Mimio System provides innovations in both cost and portability and was evaluated for possible future use in all three schools.


Croton-Harmon High School

AP Comparative Government and Politics
CHEF funded textbooks for this new class, which provide an AP-level option to fulfill the 12th grade social studies requirement and is a particular interest to students who want to study political science, current events and world cultures.

Sound Upgrade to Frederick Blais Auditorium
CHEF funded an extensive sound upgrade to the Blais auditorium which includes a new microphone system, new wall and stage monitors, and new direct boxes that enable the connection of computers, keyboards, microphones, etc. The grant impacted hundreds of PVC and CHHS students who are in theater, band, chorus and orchestra, as well as the student stage crew members who were mentored and trained on the new equipment.

LED Chinese Character Practice Pads
CHEF funded electronic tablets which help students with this challenging task by providing a large bright screen for easier creation of Chinese characters as well as better viewing by teachers for assessment and differentiation of students.

BioLab Software
CHEF funded BioLab software for the CHHS Animal Physiology class to enable students to do a variety of experiments including virtual dissection of animals.

TI-Nspire Navigator Wireless Network
CHEF provided funds for a network that connected the 30 CHEF-funded TI-Nspire CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) graphing calculators and provided a more interactive and dynamic way for students to learn high-level math.

Laptops for Special Education Department
In a co-funded grant with SEPTA, CHEF provided funds for five laptops for the Special Education department at the high school to increase computer and internet access for all students.

Science Equipment for New Science Labs – CHHS – Laurel Cardellichio
The largest single grant ever awarded by CHEF (for $45,000) funded 120 science kits for the two new CHHS science labs opening in the fall of 2011. The kits provided new state-of-the-art equipment for all 4 high school lab classes –Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics.


Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School

Canoe-Building Project
CHEF funded materials and equipment for the building of six canoes by 8th grade math students. An example of STEM-D project-based learning, the students learned algebraic and geometric concepts while designing and building the canoes.


Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School

Fourth Grade Writing Day
CHEF funded a new Fourth Grade Writing Day to introduce students to a wide variety of writing genres and to help them better understand the writing process. The day included presentations by authors, as well as workshops led by community members teaching kids about a wide variety of writing genres.

New Non-fiction Library Collection – CET – Melissa Heckler
CHEF funded a non-fiction upgrade to the CET library, providing 149 new high-interest non-fiction titles to replace the current outdated collection.