Croton-Harmon High School

American Mathematics Competition (AMC)
AMC is a nation-wide competition in high school mathematics that determines the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). CHEF funded the ability for Croton to send 40-50 students to the competition. This enables children to apply their classroom learning into a competitive situation. And, the competition promotes enthusiasm and engagement.

Laptops for Science Labs
CHEF funded 24 laptops and 2 printers for the science labs. The laptops provide portability for experiments as well as compatibility with the existing technology in the labs – from data collection devices (Vernier probes granted last year by CHEF) to smarboards. Students were able to conduct experiments using real-world, professional data collection techniques, immediately charting and graphing the results on the laptops, and then projecting the results for all to see on smartboards.

Buzzer System for Croton Academic Challenge Team (CACTI)
CACTI students take part in regional, national and televised academic competitions which bring attention to and acclaim for Croton-Harmon High School. CHEF funded a new buzzer system which was needed to answer questions in the competition. The old buzzer system was handed down to PVC.


Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School

Laptops for STEM-D Interdisciplinary Project Stations
CHEF funded one laptop for every eighth grader to enable the teaching team to flip their classrooms and enhance students’ overall learning. Each student had an interdisciplinary project revolving around a “Big Idea” and “Essential Questions” each trimester. The students enhanced their research, communication, and problem solving skills.


Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School

Podcasting for the Fourth Grade
CHEF funded 12 handheld digital audio recorders for podcasting by the 4th grade at CET. Podcasting enables students to hone their skills in research, writing, editing, speaking and collaboration. Students learned those skills on professional level equipment, and posted their podcasts on school websites for the benefit of the whole community.

Smart Response PE Systems
CHEF funded two Smart Response Systems to use with the Smart Boards. The systems gave all students an opportunity during a lesson to participate simultaneously. The systems maximized student engagement and made learning fun.